Help with installing AceKard 2i Firmware

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    I see AKAIO 1.8.9 on the AceKard website.

    I have a 3DS and it says based on the "Getting Started Guide" that if I want to update this firmware, I would need to update it with the firmware update?

    I obviously will have a fresh MicroSD (nothing pre-loaded).

    I'm assuming I have to install/drop the files from AKAIO 1.8.9 then drop the Update for 3DS? There is no "fresh" install of 3DS one drop file?

    In addition, since this will be a brand new 3DS, I'm assuming it's not going to be updated to the latest 3.x version so can't I use my 3DS to perform these updates or do I need an older DS/i still? I thought if my 3DS was already 3.x version then I would need a device that is of lesser version that hasn't been updated?

    Please help.

    Last question, when all is said and done. Since my 3DS is (hopefully) of lesser version than 3.x I can then now update my 3DS with 3.x BUT, if I ever want to do this whole process again, my 3DS is out of the question because it will have 3.x version on it. Right?

    Thanks in advance?
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    AKAIO isn't the firmware, it's the software.

    This is the firmware.

    Download both AKAIO and the firmware update and put them on the microsd, then run the acekard and browse to and run the firmware update.
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