Help with G6 DS Real

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    Jul 14, 2009

    About 2 years ago I bought a brand new nintendo ds lite completed with the g6 ds flash real.
    I haven't used it for about 2 months.
    And when I turned it on, it said it needed a format, cause i went on the pc to put on some games from my DS Cd's.
    And when it was finished from the formats, and turned it on it said :

    No system file found !
    Put system file in or press [A] to run Mini_Loader

    It didn't come as it usual menu, it came black.It used to come up lite the ones in the reviews before.
    but when I click on the A button, the Mini Loader comes up, but I do not like it in that way, cause it's difficult to see what you have and what you don't have.
    I wish it to be the normal way.

    Any help ??

    *I did try to Format it and it came still out the same.


    Thanks alot !!