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Dec 9, 2007
United States
I just got my ez flash 3 in 1 yesterday and I am using it well with my m3 ds real but I do not know how I can save my game Data on to it. It is very confusing, can someone please help? It says nor mode and psram mode. But I do not know what to do. I was looking for a wki for it but with no success.

I just want to get save data on


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Jun 24, 2007
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QUOTE said:
MyuusMeow's Easy EZ-Flash 3-in-1 Tutorial
Quick Vocab:
GBATA - Download from HERE A nice, easy to use tool that specializes in modifying GBA ROMs. We will be using this to patch ROMs that use EEPROM and FLASH to save to SRAM. (Which is the only save type the 3-in-1 will work with)

mb - megabit, there are 8 megabits in a megaByte.
mB - megaByte

NOR - Slow to write and erase RAM in 3-in-1. Not recommended to use unless you want to play a 32mB ROM such as Spyro: The Eternal Night or Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.

PSRAM - Quick to write RAM in 3-in-1. Only works with ROMs that are 16mB and under. Deleted when power is turned off. (SRAM is not deleted when power is lost)

Rudolph's 3-in-1 Tool - Awesome tool that unlocks all 3 aspects of the 3-in-1 for non-EZ-Flash V owners. Download to root of drive.
SRAM, EEPROM, FLASH, NONE - Save types. If GBATA says it is not either SRAM or NO SAVE, you must SRAM patch the ROM.

SRAM Patching
1. Drag ROM into GBATA as shown in the picture below. You don't have to use WinRAR, you can also use Windows Explorer, or even the ... by GBATA to find a ROM.

2. See on the bottom of the GBATA window where it says Save Type? If the box next to it says anything other than SRAM or NONE, continue to step 3. If it says SRAM or NONE, skip to step 4.
3. Click the SRAM Patcher tab, and fill in the box so it says: "[yourflashcart'sdriveletter]:\gba\[ROMNAMEHERE].gba" as the example below shows.

4. Do whatever you need to use it on your flashcart, like DLDI patching, Safely Remove Hardware, etc.

Using Rudolph's Tool
Rudolph's Tool has 3 menus, which you switch from one to the other by pressing L or R. PSRAM is for playing 16mB and lower GBA games, NOR [should be used rarely, it takes forever] should be used to flash 32mB roms (Which can't be flashed in PSRAM), although you can also use it to flash old style DS homebrew such as DSHeretic.

1. Pick the ROM you want to flash.
2. Press A.
3. Enjoy!

Using NOR
1. Pick the ROM you want to flash, or if you want to continue a game you flashed before, press X.
2. Press A.
3. Wait forever, then enjoy!

Using Rumble/RAM
Now this might not work on your card, I know it works on R4DS/M3Simplys though.
1. Pick from the 4 settings, and it will vibrate/do nothing (If you picked RAM) for a second then soft-reset into the R4DS's menu.
2. Pick rumble-compatible/Opera ROM, press A (Or however other cards work)
3. Enjoy! (Or be bored if you're using Opera)

That's it. Please don't copy this to other websites without my permission.

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