Help with Choosing Bluetooth headsets.

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    So I was trying to set up bluetooth headset with my ps4 system but it said is not supported. I wondered why and so i looked for answers. According to playstation forums, it only supports bluetooth 4.0 devices, which means my bluetooth isn't 4.0. Of course i have no way of knowing that but i guess since is over 5 years old, i should have suspected it to be the reason.

    So the things one must know. The biggest question, is how would one know is not 4.0 in the first place? One would assume "Cause it didn't work when i tried it" make sense i guess. Still it doesn't reveal which version it is. Anyway the important thing here.
    1. what are some good bluetooth 4.0 ps4 compatible headsets?
    2. How much they cost?
    3. Is it worth it for the price?
    4. Any chance for alternative easier cheaper solutions?
    If you can share any of this information, is appreciated. I am aware the system is sold with one that you can use, but i find it very unappealing. :unsure:

    • It is a ear bud. (Sticks in ear instead of fitting securly on them like headphones)
    • Is only one ear.
    While is only one ear, it doesn't bother me, i just don't like ear buds. I dislike them, they don't fit my ear, they always fall out, is uncomfortable. The one i have least has a hook that wraps around the ear and is okay, even has volume control but i just want something a bit more satisfying to my comfort level. :glare:

    Bonus question, if i have a psvita can i possibly use it instead of needing ps4 headset? Since is both Playstation networking devices, and it does have a microphone already, i was just curious. If i could use it along side ps4 activities? Yeah i'm asking lots of question but only cause i dunno about it and have no means to try.:rolleyes: