[Help!] Wii disc drive won't read anything

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  1. Guess_Who

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    My problem is exactly what the thread title says. The Wii won't read any discs. Games run from a USB drive work fine (using WiiFlow, USB Loader GX, etc.), but any kind of disc - retail or backup - gives me a "disc cannot be read" error. It doesn't seem like it's even trying to read the disc, since I don't hear it spinning. I'm not sure whether it's a mechanical issue or software. I once managed to get a disc to read, purely on accident, after playing around in MMM, but since then, nothing. I'm running on System Menu 4.2U, with a variety of custom IOSes installed (222/223, 236, 249).

    Can anyone help me pinpoint what the problem is, or even better, how to fix it? I've tried everything I can think of outside of a NAND restore.
  2. shango46

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    Unfortunately, I don't think a NAND restore will do anything for you as it sounds like your Wii's drive is dead. The only thing I would suggest is a replacement drive or even a replacement Wii. I had the same problem happen to my D2C Wii drive and I had to replace it with a new one.
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    Don't replace the drive! its worthless paying 60-70$ for a new drive when you can get a whole new wii for 100-120. You can still use it with usb HD.