HELP! Wii channels crashing in under 1 min. after following softm

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    Hello everyone,

    Let me start by explaining my problem...

    I upgraded to the 4.0U menu through the Wii menu on my un-modded console. In an attempt to install the Homebrew Channel and load game ISOs from an external HDD, I followed this guide (click here). I stopped after finishing Step 6, since the rest are optional. I did all of this with a 1 GB SanDisk SD card.

    The Homebrew Channel and all of the applications in it run flawlessly. While I do have the USB Loader channel present on my menu, I have not tested it yet. My plan was to see if all of this worked and then purchase an external HDD or IDE->USB enclosure. Every other channel, including Virtual Console games, crash in under a minute. Sometimes the screen simply goes black and other times the "An error has occurred, please eject..." message appears.

    I thought that perhaps installing cIOS38rev13b would solve the problem. However, after a successful install, my problem persists.

    Lastly, after these crashes, strange things occur after rebooting the Wii. Sometimes I hold the power button down until it turns off and then press it again to power it back on, while other times I unplug the power cable from the Wii and then plug it back in again. Regardless, I've had times where the Wii menu was completely without sound or worse, with ridiculously obnoxious screeching sounds (coming from the TV's speakers, not the physical console itself). One time I even received a message stating that my Wii system files were corrupt!

    One thing I'd like to add is that my Wii's DVD drive is currently broken. I am awaiting a replacement in the mail and until then, the broken one sits in the console. I'm only mentioning this because I figure that every detail is needed and also in case somebody asks me to test a game.