[Help] Upgrading Risks vs Reward

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    Ok so i want to upgrade the internal HDD on a activated ps4pro which has about 6 accounts. I have been using a 8tb as extended storage since the day the pro was used. From what i know extended storage is encrypted so I can't use fpkg's to it unless i use a formatted exfat HDD running app2usb. As you can imagine i have games along with those activated accounts I don't want to lose. The plan was to upgrade the internal HDD so i can install the fpkgs on there as the 1tb gets filled quick. How can i go about upgrading the internal drive without losing all that i mentioned? Should i ftp all the files on the internal to a pc then copy it to the new hdd after its been formatted from the ps4 and 5.05 reinstalled? Or would doing that just be a waste of time because it won't work after it's been done?