[help] super robot daisen(wars) UX, compression file header magic 'ECD'

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  1. aktkglfh

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    Jan 8, 2017

    I am working on the Korean version of SRW UX.
    I found the location of the script, and I succeeded in outputting Japanese in Korean.

    By the way, some scripts and images are compressed so I can not read the contents.

    I got the uncompressed form using NTR's ROM dump feature, but I can not modify that big data one by one with NTR cheat, so I share the file I got. I do not have reverse engineering skills and I want to get help.

    It's a file with darc and an ecd file with this file encrypted.

    The darc file obtained from the rom dump will open well with EFE. It is a file that is expected to have the same size by the ecd header information and the same name in the file.

    It's just like having a specific order to reduce the number of 0x00. I have not seen a lot of 0x00 in the ecd file.

    I want someone to be able to tell me how to decrypt the ecd file.Thank you for reading the strange English.

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  2. onepiecefreak

    onepiecefreak The Special One

    Aug 12, 2015
    You could use Kuriimu which has support for the ECD compression. Be aware that it is only decompression right now. So you can't compress the files again. But according to the structure of the archives in the game you don't rly have to compress them. Kuriimu does have support for the .bin archives in this game.
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