Help regarding SD Card flashing and AK2i Firmware

Discussion in 'Acekard' started by dgwillia, Jun 28, 2012.

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    Was doing some file transferring when i noticed i had some corrupted files on my SD card, and they refuse to be deleted (They just pop back up with 0 KBs).

    So now i'm going through and deleting everything corrupted and backing up everything else before i use the Panasonic SD Formatter.

    I just wanted to know regarding the Acekard firmware would i need to repatch it up to current firmware? Or do i just put the same system files back in.
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    when you ask about the "acekard firmware" are you talking about the bootloader or the kernel? you will not need to reflash the bootloader, but you should update the kernel.

    1. back-up your files
    2. reformat your msd card using the panasonic sd formatter
    3. put on a fresh copy of akaio 1.8.9z, update the loaders (if needed)
    4. put back on your files....

    understand that if your msd card is corrupted most of your files may also be corrupted. assuming only the 1 or 2 files you can not delete are the only corrupted files would be a mistake. so my best advice to you is that after you get your issues sorted is that you make a good clean back-up of your files. that way if this happens again you will have everything you want already set up in a directory you can just drag/drop from.

    -another world
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    The firmware has nothing to do with it,
    it sometimes happen with me,
    just do what Another World said and you'll be fine

    About the firmware:

    You just need to update it if you want to use it on a updated system.
    Acekard firmware still does not support 3DS v4.2,
    It will probably be released in one or two weeks.

    For now it's better to stay with the system the way it is now.
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