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    Apr 23, 2017
    :hateit::hateit::hateit:Last year, I hacked my old 3ds with the help of tutorials from .Few hours of work, a little annoying, but in the end everything ok. I played all those games that I once loved a cost was only a few hours of working. Now I get the old 3DS XL (old spoiled kid) and since yesterday trying to do the same with him but could not go. Please note that this is OLD 3DS XL console with FW 9.9.0-26e. After a simple installation of the Homebrew I went to the next step, safeCTRTransfer where where my problem arises. section 2, step 3 .... Continually I am coming message "pm init failed". I cant nowhere find explanation of what it is and how it solves, and I noticed that if I want to use the web browser is looking for me to hear updates the console, which of course is not an option because then there is nothing of hacking. If anyone knows how to solve this problem or to direct me to where I could find a solution I would be very grateful to him, or if someone knows how this whole process works hacking step by step including all files for hack to the end, and wants to share it with us it would be really wonderful. Thanks!!!

    Sorry for post here!!!!!!!!!!
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