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    Sep 20, 2019
    I downloaded the CPY copy of Batman Arkham Knight and the game runs perfect, except for one thing... the god damn saves won't show up!!!!! :angry::angry::angry: I've googled everywhere i possibly can looking for a solution and basically everything i've read has said that you need to match the SavePath (shown in the pic) to where the files are stored.

    I've tried with the SaveData folder in the Batman Arkham Knight installation folder, the WB Games folder in My Documents and also the CPY_GAMES folder the was made on the root of the C drive for some reason and then i'll play for a little while untill i reach a point that i know DAMN WELL has just auto-saved (because the little blue spinning circle in the corner comes up) and i can even see save files in those friggen folders... but still every f**king time i then double click on the game icon a[​IMG] nd start it again, all the save slots say empty. This is driving me crazy... how the hell do i fix this???
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