Help: NDS Backup Tool Can't Detect EZ Flash V (3in1)

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    Aug 5, 2015
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    I'm new to flash carts; I picked some up to backup my DS library, but I'm running into problems. I have an EZ Flash Vi in slot one and an EZ Flash V (3in1) in slot 2 of my DS Lite. I installed the latest kernel for the Vi (3.0 OB8) as well as the NDS Backup Tool (1.9d) to a 32gb Sandisk microSDHC card. The Vi boots up just fine and the Backup tool is visible - no issues. The 3in1 also boots up without issue. However, when I launch the tool it gives me a message saying that the 3in1 was not detected.

    I put a few GBA backups onto the Vi to see if there were any other issues. I found that - after writing to norflash/psram - progress would halt at the "Save Patches" screen. At that point, I can restart the DS and boot the game from the 3in1 and it works fine (it saves as well).

    So is this an issue with the EZ-Flash Vi?
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