[Help][Menuhax] Error 003-0399

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  1. have_full

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    Jul 24, 2016
    Hi everyone, I'm new in 3ds CFW and homebrew.
    I have slight idea about homebrew.
    After searching through this forum, I found some thread similar with my case, but they are different, so I decided to create new one.

    Alright in my case, I have old 3ds LL (japan region) with firmware Ver. 10.3.0-28J.
    I do have MH Generation and MH4U cartridge (US Region)
    and I have install homebrew with menuhax.

    My goal is,
    1. import/export save data from MH Generation

    After I installed homebrew on my 3ds, I can run MH4U cartridge with region free app.
    But once I try to go to online, it shows error 003-0399 and kicks me to offline mode.

    my question are,
    how to solve this problem?
    I have read other thread, it says about config.cia
    but with homebrew only I can't run cia file.

    second question, how to import/export save data through homebrew?

    Thanks for your help, and I appreciate any help.
  2. phant0mg33k

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    Sep 2, 2015
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    You want to run JKSV, it will let you back up your save from cart and or system installed title. That being said once you have the back up all you need to do is import that save to the one you want to play, JKSV will wipe out the secure data and overwrite the on what ever you import the save to. The only thing is last I checked JKSV to run needs to be on a CFW, you will need to downgrade to 9.2 and be able to install CIA files.