Help me upgrade my ds lite ?

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    Feb 2, 2012
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    I have 2 nds lites both with broken hinges and looking for replacement cases. Yes I have looked at all the relevant information on this site and my trusty search engine. Sometimes a response from experienced users is far more valuable.

    What I would like to do:

    ds lite PINK
    -- replace with a transparent blue full shell including stylus (US retailer preferred)
    -- currently using a cyclods evolution with our collection loaded and working great.

    ds lite white
    -- replace with black n red full shell kit (US retailer preferred)
    -- Get a rom cart
    -- Slot 2 solution for playing games like pokemon - ability to catch certain pokemon if gba rom is inserted

    What i cannot find is a US retailer or even craigslist member that sells these full replacement shells. Ordering from hongkong and waiting a month then dealing with potential returns is just not reasonable.

    For a rom cart I used the gbatemp compatibility chart and seem to be narrowed down to another cyclods or supercard dstwo. I do not care about compatibility for 3ds and expect i will need a new cart for that system and willing to wait. What i want in carts is rom compatibility, real time save and loading guides during the game.

    What can I do about the slot2? The information about how to get pokemon games like pearl, diamond to work properly with a certain slot 2 cart is vague.
    - needs RTC real time clock (or ability to circumvent this)
    - good luck finding one
    - use your original games (does this even work?)
    - again good luck finding all the games

    I use this site quite alot but never created an account and never post so i cannot use the trade section of the forum, else I'm sure i could find some solutions to my problems in there.

    1) locate US dealer for replacement ds lite casing (including all pieces)
    2) slot 2 solution for pokemon games (eg slot 2 fire red slot 1 pearl - pearl sees slot 2 and you find different pokemon [also transfering]). Yes I know of pokesav and pokegen but EVEN THOUGH it takes longer i would rather the game work as intended.
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    Feb 12, 2010
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    Well I'm not sure of any US retailers for the cases for your DS lites, but for a flash cart I would recommend the Supercard DS Two. As for shippers over seas since you are able to wait I'm not sure who you should buy from. But if you choose to buy from a retailer in the US I would recommend Real Hot Stuff, I have purchased from them before and they are fast and reliable and ship the same day do long as you order. Before 12pm US Eastern time.

    Just keep in mind that hen purchasing within the US for whatever reason the prices are a bit more expensive.
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    Feb 2, 2012
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    Thanks xxteargodxx for those that may be looking for a US supplier of various console, handheld, and controller casings I found one and placed an order from gaminggenerations dot com

    1) solution being tested
    2) Still need a slot 2 cart with real time clock

    I need the DS rom eg. Pokemon Pearl to be able to see slot 2 and find the GBA rom and treat it as if the physical Pokemon pearl was in slot 1 and physical GBA pokemon was in slot 2.

    ( )
    Can the EZV 3 in 1 be used with either of my cards in this manner?

    I have cyclods evolution (not ievolution) and a supercard dstwo