help me on pal region games

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  1. innercy

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    Oct 22, 2006
    hi... wanna ask something about pal region games.
    i have wii system menu 3.2 ntsc and i got original game in pal region (wii play and puzzle quest). my wii installed with modchip and i also use backup launcher as my main loader. However, both wii play n puzzle quest cannot load neither through disc channel nor backuplauncher.

    dump iso and use regionfrii to convert pal->ntsc but still cannot load... Later i check compatibility list in here

    stated that wii play n puzzle quest re not working [​IMG]

    so, what can i do. is there any iso editing tool/homebrew/step that can make it work with my ntsc wii?.. if not, i might selling both games to my fren.
  2. davedeluxe

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    Jan 8, 2009
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    if i have a other region game, i use wiizle shiizle diizle, to remove updates and change the region to my region (pal).
    but some games won't work depite patching. e.g. ocean commander was the last i must use gecko region free 1.5 by Nuke, because i don't need a backuplauncher...i have a chip

    thats works fine for me
  3. deviljr

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    May 29, 2008
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    i dunno about puzzle question but wii play works fine on 0.3 gamma. i have a pal wii and copied version of wii play and never had trouble with it. i dont see why using a ntsc wii would make any difference.

    unless your tv cant support pal display than u dont need to convert the game into another region either.