help make wii virgin

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    then a slutty wii again lol

    So basically I installed lots of ios's and wads an etc.. that was long time ago now Im having problems playing my games I keep getting error codes like 1032 or 1684 or something like that. I have goggled these codes but I don't get an answer.

    I have preloader 0.29 installed and boot mii as boot 2 installed also my wii is 4.0E with ios 249 I have cioscorp 3.4 but i uninstalled using the uninstaller.

    Is there a way I could get my wii to factory settings still having the homebrew channel and just gamma launchers? or a good backup launcher?

    (also I dont have a usb hard drive)
  2. GameSoul


    Mar 21, 2008
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    Formatting is an option if you don't care what happens to your miis and save files. Then reinstalling everything over. It's not recommended though