Help identifying a gba cart.

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    Someone is selling me this GBA flashcart, I can't identify what cart is, I only have an ez flash IV and ez flash V (aka ez flash3in1 expansion). This guy said it can support micro sd memory up to 2 gb but no more details are explained. Thanks in advanced.
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    Unpopulated PCB in full GBA size and uses top loading microSD in what looks like SPI mode ( ). No battery either and all the address lines do nothing ( ) save for the end one which seems to feed directly into the GBA. There may be some chips on the back side (if not then it also has nothing there*)

    *those small package chips could do some logic but such things cost a fortune and still do little compared to the considerably cheaper FPGA/CPLD chips that would happily sit in that massive groundplane. There could also possibly be some stuff on the back side with vias going through to the pins but still no battery or battery mounts on this side say more, not to mention for the former while we are in crazy land I must remember to pick up a fleburgely.

    Walk away if you expect something useful out of this. With the lack of external outputs (it is not a radio or anything that just happens to be powered by the GBA) I can only think it is some of kind of data logger or data input for debugging, probably on the DS but with a serial cable for the GBA it could also work and do something.
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    This is clearly the flashcart that is being included with the Revo101. If you're not playing it with a revo101, forget about buying it, it just won't work on a normal GBA!
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    Did they put the pcb in another cart? The Revo's card is white. That's a dickish move to try and sell that to someone knowing full well that it won't work on anything but a Revo.
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