HELP!! i cant figure out what computer i should get next

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    Oct 15, 2016
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    ok, my computer situation is an utter disaster at this point I have an Asus X555LAB its two years old and the specs are as follows...

    Intel Core i7 5500u 2.4Ghz
    Intel Intergraded graphics 5500
    12gb of DDR3 @1600Mhz
    1tb 5400rpm Hard Drive

    my specs or ok for modest gaming but I can't help but look at computers. If I were to get something I don't know what to get. I'm not sure to go desktop or stay laptop. Have I been looking at A lot of things ranging from Microsoft surface laptop to Intel nucs im really stuck anyone got any advice?
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    It depends do you want a device you can bring with you or something that stays home. Also what do you want to be able to do with the computer. High end gaming? Maybe just better frame rates or a faster PC overall?
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    Get a gaming desktop, you can always stream games to your laptop with Steam In-Home Streaming.
    Build one yourself (it's pretty easy), use to check parts and prices etc.
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