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    Guys do you have a fpk tool bleach heat soul 7 psp have fpk files..

    i read this thead..

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    I found a packer/unpacker yesterday on gbatemp. It was called fpktool and you ran it through the command prompt window. It was something that was made to work with the fpk files for TvC. I tried unpacking one of tenten's fpk files (there are two in the fpack folder, I believe the 0000 is the original outfit and 0100 is the secondary outfit). I then opened the texture files and extracted them using szs modifier, did a simple test by making them black and white and reimported them. After packing the files back up I loaded them up with riivolution and tried it out only the game froze when before it loaded the level. So I am not sure I did something wrong or the fpktool doesnt pack the files right for the game. Tomorrow I plan on playing around with it more. To test it I am going to unpack a file, repack it without any changes, and load it with riivolution to see if there is any issues.

    edit: guess I should have checked your link first ronin. Thats the one I found yesterday.