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    Apr 30, 2020
    Basically, I'm part of the Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies FR translation project, and we need to add subtitles over the animated cutscenes, so without going into details we're converting .moflex to .avi to add embedded subtitles to the video and then we convert them back to .moflex. For the majority of cutscenes, it works very well (tested only with those of the first case), but for the first one of the game, we observe a slowdown at a moment that completely shifts the image and the sound.

    One of the solutions we've found is to reduce the quality of the video file, but we'd like to avoid that, which is why I'm asking here if anyone has ever had the problem, knows how to fix it, or can help in any way ?
    (Knowing that even with maximum quality the modified file is smaller than the original, downloadable here for those who want to test)​

    Thank you in advance!
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