[HELP]Cannot boot RxMode

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    Aug 26, 2015
    Yesterday i was playing pokemon in my 3DS XL 4.3U Sysnand with 11.0U Emunand. I'm using Rxtools 2.6. When I turned on my 3ds today, the rxtools menu could not boot into emunand because of slot0x25keyX.bin. It said this file was missing, but I didn't do anything in the mean time so I checked my SD card and saw that the file was really there. When I try to Launch Emunand in RxMode it says "Cannot boot into rxmode". The larger problem is: The SD card is extremely slow in the PC, I really cant copy anything from the SD to the computer ir order to do a backup or even delete files from the SD or copy files to it. It's a Sandisk 32GB (the cheaper one). What to do next? I succesfully backuped my emunand with emunandtool and tried to install it in another sd card in order to backup savegames but the savegames wast in the emunand so i'm guessing the're all in the Nintendo3DS folder, wich I cant copy. If i'm going to lose the SD card, at least I'd like to save the progress of my games. What should I do and how?
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    You could use JKSM to backup the saves and import them on the second SD.