[help] BSOD after removing hardmod

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  1. luy

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    Aug 19, 2016

    We've been doing a hardmod to my brother's N3DS XL and managed to restore an old sysnand. All was good, and we followed the AH9L guide to get the OTP, and upgrade again successfully.

    Then we decided to remove the temporary hardmod to close the console properly, and... since then we started to get the BSOD with the "400" error code (nand not found?).

    We noticed one of the small clk pads was lifted off when we removed the hardmod, but we could still test continuity between the alt clk and the other 3 small pads and, after scrapping a bit, with the one where the pad was lifted... this could still be the root problem but I wanted to get some else with more knowledge to agree, and then I would be ok to try to cut the trace near to the nand and patch it.

    Something is still puzzling us... we put the hardmod back using the alt clk pad this time, and we can still read/write the nand with no problems :(

    Any help/advice will be really appreciate it... shame after this much work the console could end up as a paper weight :(