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    I've been here for a while now, but I never saw this "introduction" section.
    So, hello, I'm wabsta, I'm 16 years old, I live in Holland, and I'm in the DS scene (with the flashcarts, and homebrew, and hacking and stuff), since march or something.
    At that time, I already had a DS once, but it broke, so I sold it to someone who was able to fix it (my upper screen was broken).
    Then I still had all my games. And I thought: if I ever get a DS again, I still have some games.
    But, some weeks later, I thought: I need money, and I don't think I'll ever get a DS again, and if I do, I'll just buy a cartridge for roms (I heard some things of it by then).
    Months passed, and suddenly, my girlfriend wanted a DS!
    So I was very excited!
    But she just wanted to buy games.
    Even though I told her, that a flashcart, would probadly be cheaper.
    So, I did a little search on google, and discovered the R4.
    It was 50 or 60euro's (that's like 77 or 93 U.S. dollars) for a R4 and a 2g microSD.

    But it worked, and she was happy with it.

    So I was thinking: I have to get a DS myself again! So I started earning money, and in march or something, I bought myself a blue DSPhat. And 2 weeks later, a M3Real (it was cheaper then the R4 my gf bought, so I instantly bought it). That's where I entered the DS hacking/homebrew stuff-like scene.
    And I'm happy with it, 'cause the sakura is very cool.
    (And yes, I'm still waiting on the English Sakura, or till someone translates it him/herself, 'cause, only hacked, but in Japanese, isn't really worth it for me, since I don't understand Japanese:P).

    Sorry, if my english was awfull at some points, or if you find this story borring :P
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    welcome :]
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    I have a bomb alallalallala
    Welcome to GBATemp!
    Would you like a Cupcake! [​IMG]
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    Welcome to GBAtemp, wabsta!
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    Welcome to GBATemp, its great to have you here. We hope you enjoy your stay, kupo!
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    Welcome! Have fun here!