Hacking Hello! New to the ps3, searching for infos!


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Nov 11, 2009
Hello, the other day i was searching an ebay type of site and i couldnt resist to order a ps3 there, duno if it was a good deal or not, its a ps3 slim with 120gb on firmware 3.55 and around 1 year, still has 1 year of warranty, and the guy offered together a external disk with 320gb with some games inside like battlefield 3, street fighter,gran turismo 5, fifa 12, mafia 2, test drive 2, all together with shipments etc, will cost me 160 euros, heres the thing though, i got 0 knowledge of ps3s, all i know about it, is that if i update it, or go online i will get blocked, or stop being able to play the games from disk, so heres somethings i would like to know, like i said, for exemple, the older games, like final fantasy 13, or tales of graces F will i be able to play them ? Also, do i need to always search for european games(am from europe, so its a european ps3) or can i use ntsc ones also ? also i would apreciate if you guys could link me even here on the site, some good places for infos, or would advise me some games that i have not played till today, like i said XD i am a virgin on the ps3, never even touched one, so, any game no matter how old it is, if its good just advice it to me, thanks!

oH yea, what kinda of sistem should i expect from this ps3 to be running the games? the trader wasnt specific about it so i got no idea, thanks.
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