Hello, I want to play my OR cartridge, but this error keeps pooping up from time to time.

Discussion in '3DS - Homebrew Development and Emulators' started by GonXdramon, Apr 7, 2019.

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    If you want to do it legally they have to be your own backups.
    Also, in the US, it could be argued that often the dumping process violates DMCA because it requires circumventing copy protection. DMCA is kind of vague on exactly what constitutes circumvention, and I have yet to hear a court ruling that goes one way or the other, so it's not exactly clear. I assume they mean cracking or otherwise circumventing DRM, and console games don't really have DRM, they are simply difficult to copy due to the medium they're stored on, or due to DRM in the console itself. Which also means that it could be argued that it's illegal to install CFW or backup loaders on a console as that would also circumvent DRM. But I have yet to hear anyone actually being prosecuted for it. Also emulators don't have DRM to begin with so those should be fine.
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    Damn I've been out of the loop. My 3DS XL is still on MenuHax :rofl: (My New 3DS is on A9LHax, which is a tad better but still not B9S, or whatever the standard is now.)

    So are people just not updating anymore? Or does the current method of hacking persist through updates? Cos as far as I remember that was the main point of emuNAND. I kept my sysNAND on a particular version so that I could still run the exploit that would get me into emuNAND where I would run all my homebrew and warez.
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    Emunand was (well, still is, if you want to use one) an hackjob "required" since we used to depend on exploits in the operating system (= stuff in ctrnand); then came A9LH (which used an exploit in an early N3DS kernel),
    and later came all implementations of sighax (any .firm-format arm9 homebrew is one - they are perfectly valid signed kernels as far as the bootrom knows - boot9strap, a forwarder to another .firm file on SD or ctrnand, is the one most actually installed as kernel)

    If the idea of "replacing the kernel" sounds weird, you'll have to understand first that in an unmodified system there are 2 copies of the 3DS-mode kernel - one in a dedicated partition (which is the one actually used for booting), and one in ctrnand (not used directly, except as a source for installing the former one; modern CFWs ("CFWs" in the common meaning of the word being nothing more than a category of arm9 homebrews) load, modify, and run this one)