Hello I have a old 3ds on 9.4 and wish to down grade it to 9.2

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    Mar 5, 2015
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    Hello i've been researching the forum for the past two hours and now my mind is all fogged up with confusion lol. I have a gateway for my own 3ds and now wish to buy another for my niece's 3ds which is 9.4. I read the SysUpdater needs to be run in a homebrew and so I looked into this only to be confused with the amount of ways to install homebrew. Would someone please recommend which hax is best suited for me. I know about Tubehax but read it's been patched? Cheers.
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    Tubehax is patched. Ironhax is patched.

    Use browserhax, cubic ninja or zelda oot w/ power saves.