Hello all lovely 'Tempers!

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    Oct 12, 2015
    Radimore A.D. household
    Hello to all the GBATemp staff and members,

    My name is Radimore, aka GalacticWarsHalloween. This is my first time here on the legendary GBAtemp.
    I know GBATemp before from the PSP and DS game translation threads, and also on the site's origins.
    and now, I will join the forums and comment on some threads, I am also a Summoners War player, and also a retrogamer. I also draw character illustrations, write stories and make fanfics of Cirno.
    I got the name from the story of the 5th Galactic Wars (which I wrote) set in Halloween which lasted a year.
    I hope my life isn't chaotic at all times.

    Thank you.

    ~GalacticWarsHalloween (Radimore)~
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