HDD Enclosure gives me Video interference.

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    Jun 5, 2009

    I have been running my Wii with an SATA disk and a cheap SATA to USB enclosure. It has worked pretty well with only small interference on the video.

    Now I upgraded the TV and uses Component cables and now the interference is major.

    I don't even need to turn on the HDD for the interferences to begin, just need to attach the USB cables.
    I have tried many things and now KNOW that it is the HDD enclosure that gives me the interferences.
    Will try with another SATA to USB converter I have in the basement.

    Do you know of any SATA HDD Enclosure that do work with Wii and Component cables?



    Tried my other SATA to USB adapter and the disk burned up... Lot's of smoke... Dead [​IMG]


    Got a new drive out of warranty *lucky*

    Had same problems with new drive but today I bought a docking station for the drive and now all the interference is gone *yay*