HBL causing a problem with launching games?

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    For some time now, I'd switch between using HBL (cia) for testing homebrew, and playing installed cia games. Sometimes after exiting HBL and launching a game, instead of loading the game as normal right after doing the 3DS logo animation, it would make the sound like the Home button was pressed, the screen would remain black, and basically lock up to the point where I'd have to do a hard shut down. This seems to only happen when I've been using the HBL cia just prior (and again, only happens sometimes).
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    you need to click the Manual app 1st nex to open before you can loanch anything
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    I think it's been known for a while now, but not really mentioned as much (if that makes any sense, haha). Because of that, I've made it a habit to click on the Notifications tab immediately after leaving the HBL; that way, if it crashes, it'll go back to the Home Menu instead of having to force a hard reset/reboot.
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