having trouble updating 2DS (after configuring Luma3DS)

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  1. syringe

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    Oct 23, 2016
    ive been finishing up on my 2ds a9lh modding but ive come to a problem

    i just finished configuring my luma3ds menu for the first time and did the configurations according to how the github guide said so (https://github.com/Plailect/Guide/wiki/Installing-arm9loaderhax).
    its not asking me to do a system update and ive come to an error. itd ask me to restart so i enabled DNS, then it said i couldnt connect to the internet, i reverted that, then booted my 2ds holding start to get into a9lh or whatever where i was to restore from nand backup or something. it says i dont have a nand backup (even tho i coulda sworn i did backup my 9.2) and so now im doing the ctrtransfer for 9.2 but bruh this shit is 700mb its gonna take me a bit to download it
    i was wondering if i could troubleshoot this in the meantime and hopefully not have to wait for this download. its at like 9% now and i been downloading it for almost 15 mins bruh