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    May 24, 2017
    Hi i have been having problems loading Homebrew i have Luma CFW and Arm9LoaderHax and i tried replacing my boot.3dsx to one that allowed custom themes but after i couldn't get basic thinks like updating CRW and loading Hombrew so i tried getting newer a boot.3dsx but it didn't fix anything, so is there anything I can do
    the error is
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    First off, Luma3DS boots on A9LH using arm9loaderhax.bin. If you want to update the CFW (aka Luma3DS), get it from the arm9loaderhax.bin file from the Luma releases page and extract it to the root of your SD Card.

    Second off, fairly recently, Luma stopped supporting A9LH, and switched to a new exploit called Boot9Strap. Newer versions of Luma won't boot on A9LH. The last release to support A9LH is version 7.0.5.

    You have two options here. If you don't want to upgrade to B9S, download that version and extract the arm9loaderhax.bin included with the release to the root of your 3DS's SD Card.

    If you do want to update to B9S, follow this guide: https://3ds.guide/updating-to-boot9strap
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