Hardware Has anyone purchased a NewN3DS from the UK yet?


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Mar 7, 2010
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I'm going to buy a Metallic Blue New Nintendo 3DS very soon, at this weekend probably but I was wondering if anyone here has bought one of the shelves yet at Game or Grainger Games or another shop retailer and what I want to know is what Firmware did it come on?. If I cannot find out what they are shipping the units on to the shops I will just have to ask the shop assistant if I can plug my adapter in one and find out myself but I really did not want to do that in the shop, that was worse case scenario for me, its a bit embarrassing to ask and stand there checking it to make sure its on 9.2x or below before I buy the unit so if anyone has bought one from a shop in the UK yet can you please let me know what FW it came on cause if one was bought just say yesterday @Grainger Games or Game for example on 9.2x or below then I would imagine the rest are on the same firmware all a round the UK then I'm all OK to go and buy it without the hassle of checking the NewN3DS out in the shop. Thanks :)

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