Hardware problem -- games rebooting

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    Apr 5, 2010
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    When I play any game on my DS Lite, it reboots and DSTT says NO CARD? (Yeah, I'm a dirty pirate), if I reboot manually after that, I see all my games OK.
    Tried with another SD card => same result.
    Too bad I have no official licensed carts so I cannot check if this is DSTT problem.
    I discovered that it only happens when I press the "B" button.
    So I disassembled DS, and there was nothing suspicious except of dirt on the contacts.
    1)It reboots when I use the "B" button.
    2)It not reboots when I close the B-contacts with a copper wire.

    I decided to connect a SNES controller to not bother the DS motherboard.
    Any other good ideas?

    sorry if wrong section

    argh still no answers. i'll report when find the snes gamepad [in my country of drunk bears its pretty hard]...