Handy tech tools + 10 USB persistent Linux distros

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    Sep 24, 2014
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    Ten Linux distros, from tiny SliTaz and TinyCore to OpenElec XBMC and Xubuntu.

    Most Linux distros have been set up with USB persistence saving "live" session settings, etc.

    Also included are AndroidX86, Hirens, AVG Rescue, FreeDOS and Parition Wizard MiniTool.

    Bittorrent Download Link --- Detailed Information and Documentation

    Direct Google Drive download -- probably slower than bittorrent except for FIOS and Google Fiber users

    More links:

    Important USB Persistence Files Information

    Lite-Speed Contents - Web Links, Reviews, etc.

    Budget USB Speed Testing + "If your YUMI USB won't boot"

    USB Benchmarks Web Site

    Recommended budget USB flash drives with good write speeds:

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