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Dec 26, 2008
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I got an email from ArenaNet (around 7 hours ago) saying that the beta keys for Guild Wars 2 will be given out in 48 hours, that pretty much means in two days, all the lucky people to get a chance to play Guild Wars 2 early will be selected. It's not that big of a news, so I posted here for all those interested. =3

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"In just over 48 hours, 1 million players signed up for a chance to participate in upcoming Guild Wars 2 beta events. Although we wish we could invite everyone who signed up to playtest the beta, we do have a limited number of slots available for each event and not everyone will be able to play. We know you're very eager for us to send out beta invitations, and we will be sending these confirmations out shortly.
In the meantime, we've prepared a little thank you for all those who applied - a brand new video that features never-before-seen in-game footage.

Just head over to the Guild Wars 2 Facebook page and "Like" us to watch the video! Thanks for your support, and we'll see you in game!"
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    can trials of 60 days be used by people that already subbed?
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    New accounts only
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    Console picked up welp
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