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    Just want to be sure of something here. I got my Wii setup on my network using the Wired LAN device. When it connected to the internet it wanted to update the system.

    I turned the system off and did not accept the update. My box is not CHIPPED yet. Next week I have a DRIVEKEY coming in and will perform the install next weekend.

    My question is this.

    Can I accept the update now and chip later? Or will accepting the update now prevent the chip from working. Also I intend to install homebrew and doing an FTPii so that I can dump games directly from the Wii drive.

    Will this Nintendo update prevent me from doing those itema as well? Sort of like locking out the box?

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    Updating will not stop the modchip, but it will stop FTPii
    If your on a firmware higher than 3.2, it won't work (I think)
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    Install Homebrew Channel
    use cIOS36_r7 (or the better newer r8) installer
    Update to 3.4
    Use cIOS and IOS downgraders to go bakc to 3.2
    Instal your ModChip whenever it comes

    ...!!! [​IMG]
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    You are perfectly safe at 3.4 (the update) as long as you have twilight princess and can install the homebrew channel at your leisure. It is however, a bit safer to get the homebrew channel on your wii as soon as possible. As long as you have the homebrew channel on your wii you'll be prepared for all contingencies.