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    Liv-Liv-Liverpool YEAH!
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    You probably hit the "I'm feeling lucky" button.
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    nope as i entered it in the firefox browser and it didn't take me to a website just offered a download
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    I don't feel like downloading it, what is it?
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    I typed it too and it redirected me to the download too o.o something @
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    lol i don't blame you its a pdf of some random thing here il copy and paste the text

    CCP Task Force
    Oct. 8, 2003 3-5 p.m.
    Millennium Star House
    · Present: Dan, Deanne, Dean, Theresa, Mike, Carin, Okey, Eric
    · Deanne started by mentioning an opportunity to apply for MOEA grant money to help make
    the new LSC facility more energy efficient. After looking at the building plans, it sounded like
    applying the money to what is already being proposed might work. Deanne was looking for
    suggestions from the committee as to any improvements that could be made.
    · Budget update from Dan: The Energy Management Fund (EMF) has over $390,000
    currently, with $328,000 available for spending. The remainder has already been encumbered
    for contracts, projects, etc. for this year. We will need to set up some kind of system to report
    monitored savings to the Auditor’s office in order to transfer funds between the Facilities
    Mgmt. Fund and the EMF. Both funds are within the same department and under Dan’s
    authority so it should not be too difficult. Tracking savings will clearly be very important as
    projects are instituted, and Dan will look to Dean for some assistance as well as the new utility
    management software. We of course need to keep ghg reduction in mind as we move forward
    with projects, and to track savings ($$ and ghg) on an individual project basis. Dan reported
    that projects such as the Water Heater Lease Program may be necessary to approve and more
    forward with, even if they don’t fit the majority of the criteria rankings established by the
    committee. This is because the money we are receiving from the Home Energy Loan Fund
    needs to keep some level of residential energy programs available. Carin will provide copies of
    the state legislation changed in 2002 in order to free up these funds at the next meeting.
    · Okey reported on the status of the CERTS development (Clean Energy Resource Teams):
    CERTS received an LCMR grant for about $500,000 to hire a statewide coordinator for the
    various regions and to provide some program funding. There will be about $40,000 available
    for the NE region of the state, as well as perhaps other leveraging opportunities. The first
    official NE CERTS region meeting will be held on Oct. 24th from 9 to noon at the Cloquet
    Forestry Center off Hwy 210. Okey would like to see Carin and perhaps other CCP members
    who might be interested/have time attend that initial meeting to explain what CCP is working
    on and help ‘shape’ the direction of CERTS in this region. We just want to be sure we are not
    duplicating efforts, and that if our priorities line up we can work together on certain
    issues/projects. Carin will forward Okey’s message regarding the newly hired coordinator and
    the goals for that first CERTS meeting to the group. If after seeing that message you are
    interested in attending the meeting, please let Carin know and we can work out a carpool. (It
    takes between 30-40 minutes to drive there.)
    · Project updates: Eric, Dan, Dean, and Mike met before our meeting to go through a few
    more details on the surge suppressors. We are moving ahead with plans to do a ‘pilot’ project
    at the Tech Village parking ramp instead of the library, mostly because the electrical use can
    be more easily monitored there. Volt Tech will meet with MP engineers to get their opinion,
    and Eric is looking up more info. Dan will verify the controls on different fixtures and we’ll
    hopefully be able to make a decision on this project before or at the next meeting. This new
    location has a 21 mo. Payback (under their 2 year guarantee) and will be less of an investment
    up front.
    Dan has created a detailed spreadsheet to track and evaluate potential lighting retrofits.
    Included at this point are over 45 sites where outdoor lighting could be modified. At this point,
    there are less than a dozen with fast paybacks (under 5 years), but ‘borderline’ projects around
    a 10 year payback or so could be helped along with General Fund dollars that would already
    have been spent on the project to help make the payback shorter. Rebates from MP will be
    available next year to help with this too, however some new criteria may apply to Power
    Grants so we’ll have to wait and see. An example of a potential project is to reduce/enhance
    the lighting around the Lakewalk/Sculpture Garden. The 80-ft towers are hard to maintain and
    have 400 watt bulbs that could be changed out for 360s as well as taking out half the fuses to
    decrease the overall lighting. We could suggest adding new task lighting instead of the over-lit
    tall towers.
    (Dean asked that Carin develop a ‘pending projects’ list for our next meeting to keep a running
    total/overview of where we are. This would include sections for estimated costs, payback,
    emissions reductions, etc.)
    Eric brought the committee up to speed on developments of the water heater lease program.
    He will provide a list of acceptable water heaters at the next meeting, as well as answers to
    some internal questions they have been asking such as how the EMF would be repaid and what
    costs they would ask the EMF to bear? Eric’s concern is that returning a percentage of the
    lease payments to the EMF would mean the program would need to come back to CCP for
    funds for the following years. Eric also wants the committee to set up the requirements needed
    to transfer funds from the EMF to a gas-related utility fund under Dick Larson’s signing
    authority to start administering the program. The plan would be to have the utility pick up the
    costs for marketing and administration of the program, and CCP would pay for the cost of the
    units and installation. The idea was brought up to offer a ‘hybrid’ option for this pilot phase to
    try to push the market to the most efficient option possible. Okey thought a variety of options
    would be necessary to offer since some customers would have much greater or lesser needs for
    hot water….a once size-fits-all approach could be wasteful. We also talked about ‘valueadded
    ’ options that could be included as incentives, such as heat recovery coils and an energy
    fact sheet. Having a contractor/plumber already out there doing the installation would also
    provide a good opportunity for surveying ‘what’s out there’ right now. Dean asked if the
    program will target electric water heaters and if using CIP dollars for fuel switching will be
    acceptable. Eric said the money is now coming from the EMF and is no longer considered CIP
    money and he does not plan to claim any of the energy conservation measures that get paid for
    from the EMF towards the gas utility’s CIP requirements.
    · Carin will add Vending Miser and other plug load controllers to our project list and Dan will
    have the list on the laptop at our next meeting for discussion.
    · Priorities for the next meeting Oct. 29th 3-5 pm at the Millennium Star House will be to work
    towards a reduction target and evaluate next projects. Eric would also like to talk about
    mandates for energy conservation in federal facilities that might help direct us to a target goal.
    · The brochure was not finished but City graphics promised to have it done by next week (Oct.
    13-17) so Carin will either email it to the group for final approval or bring it to the next
    meeting if it’s not in a format that can be easily emailed."
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    Works fine for me, so it didn't redirect to download.
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    haha, same here, got me some pdf download as well .