GOODRAM A020 (All-in-One adapter)

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    Hello. About to modify a 11.0 new 3DS (LL sadly -_-, stupid ugly large screen), I realized I needed to buy some micro SD /USB adapter (my current PC has no SD card slot) and bought this product.
    I can't figure out how to plug a micro card into it and then the device on a USB hole. The manuals available on the webpage are for using micro SD cards or USB2 sticks in general, and no help came with the purchase.

    Does anyone know how to use this thing?

    @Kelsey Thank you. Looks like the stick is dead. -_- (windows doesn't aknowledge it, nor does it ask to search for drivers)

    Eureka ! The laptop had to be turned on with the stick in.
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    You put it in to the top half of the USB
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