Good C programming resources.

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    Hey everyone.
    Just wanted to find out if anyone knows some really good C programming resources.
    I'm starting a C programming course next semester which people say you need to be quite familiar with the C language.
    I've done some C programming, playing with Atmel AVR for a project.
    Books, videos, sites or any other resources would be a great help.
    Thanks in advance.
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    Hell was the site I used when I first started learning the language. While the explanations tend to be a bit verbose, the comprehension tests can be useful and the concepts are covered fairly well.

    TutorialsPoint is also a site you might want to check out; while not quite as in-depth as Cprogramming, it's very useful as a quick reference for certain concepts.

    Finally, while this next site mainly covers C++ as opposed to C, is especially useful for looking up C Library Functions, with explanations for usage and arguments, as well as examples giving you an idea of where and how said function would be used. Since the site is C++ oriented, however, be sure to double-check that the function you want exists in the C Standard Libraries.
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    I first learned C by reading the book "C Programming Language 2nd Edition". Can only recommend it, it covers pretty much everything one needs to know about C and also has good examples and exercises.

    But then again, that was a looong time ago and at this point there are probably better ways to learn C.
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    I really liked the apress beginning series for programming stuff, their "beginning C" book being the one that introduced me to the series. I have not seen the new edition yet, nor actually caught up with the new revisions of C, but the older editions taught it in a fantastic way for me.

    After that it will depend where you want to go and what you want to do. You could go old school and look into K&R era C, or you can do some more field specific things (learning opengl, various windows APIs, other libraries of note...).
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    Jun 7, 2016
    I bought the Second Edition of K&R for my C Programming Course; never used it much, though, as I already had a somewhat steady grasp on the language by then and much of the course was just review for me. I got caught off-guard towards the end of the course, though, with implementing an alloc function, so take from that what you will.

    That aside, from what little I've seen, the book seems well-written, and goes in-depth to the minutiae of the language. I'd recommend it both on its own, and in case it becomes required reading for any future courses OP might take.
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