God of War 1 Challenge of the Gods

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    So I made it to God of War's Challenge of the Gods' Room 10, and I could not finish it before my wife got home from work. (After an hour in this room alone.) I promised her we'd watch Despicable Me, so I left the PS3 paused. After the movie we went to bed. Now I'm just waiting for her to wake up so I can pick up where I left off. Does this make me crazy?

    I can't quit now. I've come too far. Finishing these challenges is my first step towards finishing the trophies. I'm not giving up! Woo!

    ...on a side note, does anybody have any good strategies just in case I still have trouble with it? The Satres are frickin' cheap and the physics are unforgiving and broken. >.<

    EDIT: Well, thanks to my daughter taking a nap, my son being distracted by cartoons, and my wife's early christmas gift of wireless headphones, I was able to complete this challenge without disturbing my wife's sleep. [​IMG] Now all I need for a Platinum is to finish the game in under 5 hours, max my weapons, and die enough to get offered Easy Mode. I'll have the Platinum by the end of the week easy. [​IMG]