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    I'm getting married july 9th and it's time to choose the songs that shall be played in the party. As the good ol' geeky couple we are, my fiancée and I want to have a waltz as our 1st dance, but not any waltz, THE Water Waltz from 8-bit Mario. But the thing is I can't seem to find an orchestrated (or at least high quality) version of this song, only the original midi file, which will not sound good as a 1st dance.

    Does anybody know where I can find this tune? Paid/free download, whatever. I was thinking of something like the Video Games Live version, but what's really important is that the audio is clear and with no applause in the background [​IMG]

    I even bought from DX Mario and Peach toys to go as the cake toppers:

    I'll make sure to come back here and post the pics/vids!