Hacking Gecko OS and Wii remote


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Mar 16, 2011
United States
I'm using Gecko OS on vWii to play a couple of my Japanese Wii game discs. I have an older Wii remote, which works fine on the Gecko OS menu, and one of the games, and a motion plus remote as well, which I think worked on the Gecko menu. The problem I have is with one of my games. The Wii remote works fine when I launch the game with Gecko and while playing, but on the other game, I can launch it, but the remote doesn't register during gameplay. Both of these games are out of region (Japan). When I run the game where the remote doesn't work on USB, instead of the disc, it works fine, but I would like to use the disc if possible...

Is there something in the Gecko OS settings for controls I should be using?
By the way, the game where the remote does register supports classic/gamecube controllers and the remote of course. The game where the remote doesn't work supports the Wii remote only.

Thanks in advance!
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