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Discussion in 'Xbox One - Games & Content' started by dontay0100, Sep 21, 2016.

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    - What's up fellas dontay0100 here just spreading the word of an FB group we wan't to get larger for us Gears of War 4 players. Great place to meet new people, clan members, host some tourneys and scrimmages. Just all good fun, come join!

    also add me on live ! GT: dontay0100 ( of course )
  2. chartube12

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    My gamertag is CPT Chazz 713

    Don't add me if you are interested in primarily verses. I won't tauch that shit. Campaign and horde mode yes. I always say no to pvp. Unless it's a complete group of friends on both teams i play games regularly with and they are just looking to mess around and have fun. It's the only way i will play pvp. CoD has ruined verses and brought too many fucking campers to FPS.
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    I bought a Gears of War 4 Rockstar promo drink yesterday. Does anyone here want that code?

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