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    The post that kicked this off

    This is the discussion thread for the week #1 of GBAtemp book game club in which we played Dragon Quest Heroes - Rocket Slime. In this thread feel free to review, share opinions, offer commentary or otherwise discuss the game. Basically if it is related to the game of the week feel free to chip in- to get you started a couple of questions

    Was it a hidden/forgotten gem or was it a case of us having rose tinted glasses?
    Does it provide a great example of the genre?
    Is it a sign of how far we have come?
    Is it a sign of how far we have fallen?
    Perhaps worse is it an indicator of how much things have stayed the same?
    If you played it before was it good to go back to it?
    Did you put it down after 15 minutes or do we owe and apology to others in your life that rely on you not to be up playing games at all hours?
    Favourite part of the game?
    Most annoying part of the game?
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    I actually had never played through this game and when I saw it featured on this site I figured I would give it a try. Definitely worth the pick up, loved the tank aspect of the game and collecting aspect. Glad I checked it out! There is a really good chance I will check out the sequel for the 3DS when it comes out...
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    Great game,way to easy for most people but it is an enjoyable time waster...
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    Excellent game, a bit like Zelda actually. [​IMG]
    I remember spending hours, which I could have used to improve my life, perfecting my ammo layout and collecting those last few monsters. [​IMG]
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    May 29, 2010
    I'm joining in this a bit late, going to take a look at the game now. This is a game I probably wouldn't have tried if it wasn't for this.
  6. GBAtemp Regular

    May 29, 2010
    Well it turns out I've been a bit busy and only had a short time to try this out but I thought I would share my initial impressions.

    The game is cute. Going through the game collecting adorable little slimes is probably what would sell this game to me, and recommend it to my kid. I enjoy the town being rebuilt aspect, it gives it a bit of that diablo essense of go out and back, but with the progress of the game being reflected in the town state. I think the gameplay is rather similar in feel to something like zelda, as was mentioned before, and gives it a fairly casual, relaxed play experience (at least for the little I've played).

    So is this a forgotten gem? I don't really think so. It seems like a solid game, with a cute theme, but it doesn't strike me as anything overly innovative. Truth be told even though I enjoyed my first experience with it, I haven't felt motivated to continue playing after a couple days. While I enjoy the theme I can already see the gameplay getting repetitive, as well as be fairly similar to other games in the genre. I guess I could say my short play has given the impression that this is an example of how the genre has remained the same.

    I have to mention that I only made it far enough to save, so I haven't yet tried out the tank aspect to the game. I have grand thoughts of continuing the game.. sometime, but after a couple days it still hasn't happened.

    My favorite aspect of the game is collecting slimes and seeing them at the town. The most "annoying" part I suppose would be that the time I played wasn't novel enough an experience for me to really want to keep going. Maybe I will be inspired to continue later on, it seems like a good enough game to keep around incase it happens.
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    ah man I still play that game. shooting at enemy fortresses going over and using there own ammo to take em down.
    All those strange slime moves.

    Too bad they only did the ones they did.
    only this one english for the ds. Man I loved playing game.