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    On the DS, can it play GBA games using a pass me (R4 going to slot 2)? If so, can someone give me a guide or a walkthrough? I know it can play demo GBA games without a pass me, but with one, is it possible to play larger games?
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    passme is for playing NDS games from the slot 2. your limited to 4 mbit and some 8 mbit titiles and demos with a GBA movie player. I got one, alredy tried it.

    On the R4 you press the 3rd icon to boot your slot 2 device, it will do a passme if your slot 2 is compatible.
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    The GBAMP is only capable of playing GBA files 256 KB in size or less that are designed to be multiboot-capable. See the PocketHeaven Wiki article on "multiboot" for more info on this.

    There is no way to make it run larger GBA Games. With a passthrough device and a hacked patcher program you can get it to run a couple DS games, but it's not worth the time and effort.