(GBA) Hajime no Ippo translation posted

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    Markliujy has posted a translation patch for Hajime no Ippo (around number 790-810 if you use numbers).

    From the release notes:
    This is an English patch for the GBA game “Hajime no Ippo”, a boxing game that is apparently like Punch Out, but with Hajime no Ippo characters and special moves. It also has an interesting Customization system. While choices are limited, it does prolong the game.

    The patch is complete, with the exception of voices. There are no known issues at the moment.

    Pictures thanks to romhacking.net (hosted here)

    Download link (romhacking.net)
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    Thx for the news. Definitely seems like it's worth a try.
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    Awesome. Glad to know the GBA isnt completely dead. Still waiting for Mother 3 XD