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Zoids Saga DS: Legend of Arcadia English translation released.


Traceytrace just shared news of the release of a Zoids Saga DS: Legend of Arcadia English translation. ゾイドサーガDS レジェンド オブ アーカディア if you prefer the Japanese name.
For those unfamiliar with the franchise then Zoids is one of the major fighting robot animes/manga/game/model franchises, games going back to the 1980s on the commodore 64. Much like many a Japanese franchise though the west has maybe a handful of games over the years and usually not the best of them. This game is a DS remake of sorts for the first Zoids Saga game on GBA (Zoids Saga 2 also on the GBA would be one of the few to get an official English translation, being released in North America as Zoids - Legacy) with bundled content and characters from the second and third games, and some extra content on top of that. For those more familiar with the anime then it is a unique story and combo of the various anime timelines, including the then current Zoids: Genesis, though setting is largely between Chaotic Century and New Century (also the main animes to get dubbed and broadcast outside Japan).
The games themselves are fairly typical RPG type games, not generally considered shining beacons of the gameplay style but also way more than you might expect when someone says anime tie in game. This is to say play it if you want such a game, not just "if you are a fan of zoids".

Translation notes
This patch for Zoids Saga DS Legend of Arcadia is a project that seeks to translate the game from Japanese into English.

What is translated:

    All story dialogue
    All NPC dialogue
    All weapon, item, part and Zoid names
    All character and place names
    All skills, deck commands and Zi Data
    Almost all menu text
    Almost all Zoid Institute text
    Almost all battle menu text
    Mining radar text

What is not translated:

    Lines spoken by characters when attacking (aside from battle cutscenes)
    The Zoid Database entries
    Multiplayer exclusive text
    Some enemy scanner radar text

Known issues:

    Leaving the game running for an extended period of time (~12 hours) can result in the game losing it’s ability to save until it is powered off and on again. This bug is present in the original version of the game as well.
    Browsing the Kanji section in text entry can cause the game to crash, so please avoid the Kanji section. This is due to the areas in memory reserved for Kanji text entry being used to fit the English translations.
    Players can rename Athle to anything they want, however the player will be referred to as ‘Athle’ for all story content. The new name will however be visible in menus and in battle.

HOW TO INSTALL 1. Download the .rar file 2. Unzip using WinRAR or a software of your choosing to obtain the patch file 3. Go to and enter your (unpatched) ROM and the patch file 4. Click ‘Apply patch’ and it will return the patched ROM

If users encounter any errors, especially with popup messages in battle menus, they should leave a post on the Project’s GBATemp thread here:
ROM / ISO Information:

    Database match: Zoids Saga DS - Legend of Arcadia (Japan)
    Database: No-Intro: DS (all) (v. 20210227-111036)
    File/ROM SHA-1: C07DD7EE927A1986BD6A922776C08D5BB6B9F7F9
    File/ROM CRC32: FC597A7F

A let's play of the Japanese version

Fandom wiki post on the Zoids Saga games
Original developer's site, archived version post
GBAtemp download
GBAtemp thread


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