GBA games won't save

Discussion in 'M3 Adapter' started by TingBoy, Nov 24, 2006.

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    Sep 6, 2006
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    Sorry if this has been posted before, but I've searched almost everywhere and just can't seem to find the solution to my problem. So here it is.

    Whenever I play GBA games, the game doesn't seem to save on the SRAM of my M3 Adapter (SD). When I start it up after turning it off, it doesn't have the usual saving from SRAM message. Autosave is on. I have the save file. I don't know what else I can do. I've tried running GBA mode from the DS menu, but that changed nothing. Any tips?

    Oh, and my NDS games work just fine. In fact, my M3 adapter was working fine until I updated v28 or so. I really don't want to use real time saving. In the mean time, I'll update my M3 with an old version when I get the time to do so.