Hacking GBA Exploder 0.58B bug


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Aug 9, 2007
United States
I am using EDGE card firmware 1.43 with ez 3 in 1

Hey do you have the new ez 3 in 1? If so can you please do me a favor. I am using GBA Exploder 58b and I think it may be a bug or my 3 in 1 card is messed up.......

Boot up a rom in NOR mode for the first time or just load a different game. After it's done loading hit X to run the game and tell me if it boots up on the first try or not. If so try one more game and do the same and see if it boots up on the first try.

My problem is killing me cause I have too load it and after it's done loading I hit X and it just sits at the GBA screen. I have to shut it down and turn it back on and then run it from there and it works. The pain in the ass having to shut it down everyhtime I want to load up a new rom.
Loads perfectly fine after I reboot it once I can turn it back on and it will be 100% boot rate, until I change roms once I change roms I always have to shut it down and turn it back on to play frown.gif

PSRAM mode works just fine and loads first try everytime. Is this my card something wrong or what? I am using
Would greatly appreciate your help!
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