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    Jun 18, 2015
    I bought myself a DSLite from eBay and was looking into using a flashcart to load various different Gameboy games. I know this has probably been asked a lot, but a lot of the threads I've been reading have been pretty old so I wanted to check what the current opinions were?

    I've been looking at a few things, and found either the Acekard 2i or the EZ-Flash 3in1 as to being my best bet. The EZ looks great as it's a flush Slot-2 piece of kit that I could happily leave in my console, but is there anything out there that's better? I don't mind which slot, as long as any Slot-2 device is flush because it would annoy me otherwise.


    EDIT: Looks like I've been reading wrong. I'll start again

    So the EZ is an add-on for another flashcart that I need to get, and the EZ will let me play GBA game ROMs, correct? If that's the case, what are your recommendations for a solid flashcart for me to use? I want to try and emulate GB and GBC games if possible as well, but again I'm completely new to this so I might need some advice.
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    Jun 18, 2015
    I Super DSTwo let you play GBA games even on slot 1
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    It's been a while since I've used mine, but yeah the EZ-Flash 3in1 needs to be paired with a slot 1 cart. You can flash a single game to it and use it without the slot 1 cart, or you can run most games temporarily in PSRAM. I also really liked the fact that it sits flush. GB and GBC games are playable with an emulator, but you have to patch each ROM file with the emulator or something like that. I don't really remember but I'm pretty sure the emulator was called Goomba Color or something to that effect.

    As far as which slot 1 cart to pair it with, I've used it with both an original R4 and DSTT. I imagine finding real versions of those carts nowadays, and not fakes or clones, is easier said than done. I got them back when they were new. So I can't offer much other advice there, and I'm not familiar with the Super DSTwo the other user mentioned.

    If you don't mind the cart being non-flush, the EZ Flash IV is a very good choice, I recently picked one up when they came out with a microSD version (it used the much less popular and harder to come by miniSD before). It has a few caveats to it, but it's pretty much the standard GBA flash cart from my understanding and probably the best you can affordably get.